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Lightweight Slewing Bearings

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Lightweight Slewing Bearings

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Structural features and application fields of light series slewing bearing (thin type)

The light slewing bearing has the same structure as the ordinary slewing bearing, with light weight and flexible rotation. It is widely used in food machinery, filling machinery, environmental protection machinery and other fields.

Production process and quality assurance of light series slewing bearing (thin type)

Slewing bearing is a common mechanical part in industrial instruments, which can improve the productivity of industrial production and bring great convenience to people. What is the process flow of slewing bearing?

1. First of all, the first step in the production of slewing bearing is to select the blank, and the selected blank shall not have defects, cracks, lamination and other problems.

2. Secondly, it is necessary to process the burr of slewing bearing. Different methods are used to smooth the surface of the hair embryo, and the strength and hardness of the hair embryo should be strengthened.

3. Then the slewing ring shall be heat treated and heated at high temperature to make the surface of slewing bearing free from any defects.

4. Carry out different processing for different types of slewing bearing, so that the accuracy is above grade 8.

5. Next, the slewing ring shall be marked and drilled.

6. Then, it is necessary to grind the slewing ring.

In addition, after the production process of slewing bearing is completed, the slewing bearing must be systematically inspected and accepted before it can be put into sale and use.

Application cases of our company's hot selling light series slewing bearing:

Slewing bearing is widely used. Construction machinery is the first and most widely used place of slewing bearing, such as earthwork machinery, excavator, disintegrator, stacker reclaimer, grader, road roller, dynamic rammer, rock drilling machine, roadheader, etc. Others are:

Concrete machinery: concrete pump truck, concrete mixing boom integrated machine, belt spreader

Feeding machinery: disc feeder, sand mixer;

Lifting machinery: wheel crane, crawler crane, portal crane, tower crane, fork crane, crane, gantry crane;

Foundation treatment machinery: percussive reverse circulation drilling rig, rotary drilling rig, percussive rotary drilling rig, rotary drilling rig, reverse circulation rotary drilling rig, positive circulation rotary drilling rig, long spiral engineering drilling rig, diving drilling rig, static pressure pile driver and pile driver;

Engineering ship: dredger;

Special vehicles: bridge detection vehicle, fire truck, window cleaning machine, flat beam transport vehicle, aerial work vehicle, self-propelled aerial work platform;

Light Industry Machinery: beverage machinery, bottle blowing machine, packaging machinery, filling machine, rotary bottle management machine, injection molding machine;

Marine crane: floating crane.

Equipment platform

In addition to a variety of construction machinery, the application scope of slewing bearing has been gradually expanded, such as port equipment, metallurgical equipment, drilling platform and other equipment platforms have begun to use slewing ring to replace the original bearing.

Port equipment: port crane, front crane;

New energy equipment: wind power generation equipment, solar power generation equipment;

Metallurgical equipment: metallurgical crane, ladle turret, steel grabbing machine, mud gun, oxygen blowing device;

Amusement equipment: Ferris wheel, etc;

Airport equipment: Airport tanker;

Military equipment: radar, tank, etc;

Robot: palletizing robot, welding robot, manipulator;

Medical equipment: gamma knife;

Environmental protection equipment: mud scraper;

Parking equipment: tower garage;

Drilling platform equipment, kitchen equipment, CNC equipment (wire cutting machine, quenching machine), brick machine.

Methods to solve the noise of slewing bearing

There are two common solutions to the noise of slewing bearing, i.e. dust sound and scar sound

(1) Control method of dust soun

If there are dust and other foreign matters in the rotary branch, non periodic vibration will occur. The so-called dust sound, the vibration and noise are variable, and there are or not.

Control method of dust sound: improve the cleaning method of slewing ring / rotary table bearing, strictly clean the bearing, shaft, seat hole and matching parts before installation; remove foreign matters in lubricant; improve bearing sealing; avoid using plastic cage with impure material or embedded foreign matter.

(2) Control method of scar sound

If there are cracks, indentation or corrosion on the rolling surface of the slewing bearing, the periodic vibration and noise like riveting rivets will occur. The period may be fixed, but most of them have a certain corresponding relationship with the rotating speed. The scars will occur continuously on the raceway, and the scars will appear on the steel ball from time to time, and the noise will change with the installation and lubrication conditions.

This kind of noise control methods: do not knock the bearing during installation, and prevent the bearing from inclining when assembling the bearing and shaft into the bearing seat; prevent the bearing from rusting during storage and impact vibration during transportation; use grease with high viscosity.

(3) Noise caused by lubrication factors and Its Countermeasures

The vibration and noise of slewing bearing / turntable bearing can be caused by incorrect selection of lubricant, insufficient lubricant or aging hardening, and the noise has no certain regularity. In this case, only select the appropriate lubricant, adjust the amount of lubricant, prolong the service life of lubricant and determine the replacement cycle reasonably.

(4) Noise related to main engine and Its Countermeasures

This kind of noise is not simply caused by bearings, so it is invalid to find out the causes only from the bearing aspect. Attention should be paid to the main engine and the performance of the main engine should be improved if necessary. This paper mainly describes the common beep and frame resonance sound in the motor.

Buzzer of a motor and Its Countermeasures

Axial vibration of motor shaft

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